Christian Molina
My name is Christian Molina. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA! 
My best race result was probably the road race stage of the San Dimas Stage Race, having sprinted from nearly 300m out.
One race I’d like to win is the primary road race stage of the Cascade Classic in Bend, OR. It’s a beautiful race and properly challenging.
This will be my third season with M2W and the diversity of the team and the sense of family have always been at the heart of it. 
I’m Dominican/Mexican and I actually come from a pretty well-known baseball family on my mom’s side! My grandpa is an MLB Hall-of-Famer and many of my uncles played pro ball. We are quintessential Dominicans. Funnily enough, I stopped playing baseball as a kid because I was afraid of getting hit by a fastball. Apparently, I find occasionally grinding my body on asphalt and not making millions preferable! Jokes aside, there’s a lot of beauty and enjoyment in this sport I don’t think I could find anywhere else.
I recently moved to San Francisco on a whim to finish off my degree and pursue a career in finance! Things have been going well and I’ve really been enjoying my work, the city, the riding, and starting classes again.